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Five things your Realtor failed to mention – Short Sales

In these times with distressed properties plentiful and everyone knows it’s a buyers’ market, how can you go wrong buying a short sale?  When you look at the listing price and compare the size of the home you think,  “How can I lose!”  Much like with foreclosures, which I’ve already discussed There are things your […]

Only 2 Homes Left in Maronda’s Chanticleer Community!

If you have been looking for a home away from the Allegheny County taxes, our Chanticleer Community in Westmoreland County is the place for you! We currently have 2 homes available and ready for move in immediately. The models currently available are the “Rochester” and “Wakefield“. We are offering a special of 6% toward closing […]

Is Buying a Maronda Home more affordable than Renting? Yes!

This question has been asked in real estate since the very first single family home was built.  In today’s real estate market, the answer has never been more crystal clear…buying is far more affordable over renting, especially in Florida and Ohio.  There are several reasons…home prices are falling, mortgage interest rates are at historically low […]

Buying much cheaper than renting!

It’s not just what your local New Home Sales Counselor that you find in the model is saying….it really is cheaper to buy than rent. With rising rents and falling interest rates it is truly a Great time to purchase. Of course many people have some dings in their credit and think that they can’t […]

River Club a new Maronda Homes Community in Punta Gorda

Maronda Homes recently started selling homes in its newest community, River Club just north of the River in Punta Gorda.  At present ten different homes styles are offered ranging from the 1435 sf Avella to the 3377sf Dashwood.  The new Hampton design which has been very well received since it’s release, is slated to become […]

Maronda Homes’ customers find that buying is much cheaper than renting!

New Homes by Maronda Homes in Jacksonville Florida

According to the online real estate company Trulia, in 98 of the top 100 housing markets, it is cheaper to buy a home than it is to rent. Only Honolulu and San Francisco buck the trend, according to a recent article in CNNMoney.  They cite falling home prices and mortgage rates that are historically low. […]

Home ownership is more affordable than rent…

With rent on the rise, the purchase of a home is a trend that is once again catching on. According to Trulia, “in 98 of the 100 housing markets, buying a home is more affordable that renting”. With the average rent for a 3 bedroom in Columbus at $1199 per month, you will find that […]

How to Add Value to Your Home

Are you thinking of upgrading to a bigger, or newer house?  Maybe your goal is to live in better school district for your children.  No matter what your motivation is for selling your home, adding value to your home can be done easily without draining your bank account. Changing the landscaping outside your home can […]

Take a Seat In a Maronda Homes Kitchen

The kitchen is where everyone likes to hang out, but the challenge can be designing seating areas that make sense. Whether it’s a Saturday morning cup of coffee, Tuesday evening homework, or Thursday night pot luck with the softball league, the kitchen is where everyone wants to be. As for why this room is such […]

Spring Time is Here….

Has your dog been looking like this all winter? With spring right around the corner, maybe its time to head outdoors for some much needed exercise. One favorite dog owners past time in the spring is to go out to a dog park and play. Your dog gets a lot of social activity with other […]