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It’s almost June, so do something

OK so it’s almost June.  It may be hard to believe that 2012 is almost half gone but the halfway point is not very far off.  Given that, there are a few things you may have been putting off both chore wise and fun wise so here are some suggestions to get you started. Fertilize […]

Thoughts of building your Home from the ground up…

                    As the housing market continues along the current economic path and we start to see incremental upswings, some people still think they are getting a “better deal” with short sales and foreclosures. Stop to think for a minute about the fact that you may not […]

Why Maronda Homes?

Come and experience the ingenious quality that offers “complete- luxury and comfort existence” without taxing ones pocket. Exquisite fresh features include new brick fronts on homes, upgraded cabinets & vanities, hardwood floors, fireplace on the 1st floor, and 2 brand-new options of an upstairs laundry, and a sun room. Maronda’s Express delivery option makes it […]

What you should know before you paint

Interior painting is one of the best and least expensive choices among the home decorating techniques that could create a haven out of your living space. This project does not only involve smearing paint onto your walls. It takes a whole lot more with a lot of considerations to put your mind on including wall […]

Hurricane preparedness…Maronda style, Part Two!

Maronda homes resist hurricane damage with block construction

With the onset of hurricane season, and Tropical Storm Beryl, the first named storm to affect the area, it is time to get our homes ready. Most of the losses associated with tropical storms and hurricanes result from the damages that occur from a lack of maintenance and what most people would consider minor damages. Just as […]


Lets set the record straight.  If you purchase a home and it’s not from a New Home Builder, it’s used!  It’s not a “resale”, it’s not a “previously owned” and it’s not an “existing”.  It is a used home.  Period. Maronda Homes of Central Florida and Maronda Homes of Treasure Coast builds brand new homes.  […]

Cincinnati Farmer’s Markets

I was looking up local farmers markets, and started to notice how many of them are close to a Maronda Homes community. So while your out at one of these local markets take the time to check out one of our Maronda Homes communities. Until next time enjoy! and remember to “like” us on Facebook, […]

Boxed In?

Let’s face it, for many homeowners, it seems we never have quite as much storage (and overall) space as we’d like. Wish as we might, even as our families grow, our homes stay the same size–until we move to new and larger quarters. What can you do to make the most of smaller spaces? Here are […]

7 Things NOT to do Before Qualifying and Closing On Your New Home

          Once you’ve made the decision to buy a home, there are certain things you need to keep in mind in order to qualify for your home loan.  But it doesn’t just stop with qualification, you need to stay away from these pit falls straight through to closing. Sometimes homeowners get […]

Tubes in the Wall – Why?

One of the features that is included in your Maronda Home is the Home Team Pest Control, Tubes in the Wall.  As a prospective home owner looking for a new home in Florida, why should you care about Tubes in the Wall?  Well, there are several reasons, but first I ought to explain what Tubes […]