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An Organized Home Makes Life Easy

Best tips in keeping your home organized

To keep your home organized, you must be organized yourself. Let’s not get into the discussion of how organization is a good thing or how it affects your inner peace of mind etc. We are already aware of the positives of organization, aren’t we? Let’s get right to some of the main factors that you should keep in mind for a well organized and attractive house.

1) Clothes look better in your closet… not the floor

The most unorganized room or house has clothes all over the floor. Your particular pair of jeans on the floor in the same position you took them off are not an attractive sight for the eyes. Try putting your clothes inside your closet or in the laundry room if dirty. This will not only prevent your house from looking ugly but will also be easier to find your clothes if you are in a hurry.

2) Store rooms come with a purpose

Have you ever been to someone’s house where you see random junk lying around their house? Unattractive, isn’t it? Try putting all of your random things in your store room instead of putting them everywhere in your house. Some things are not used on a daily basis so they are of no use. Putting them in a closet will give your house a clean overall appearance.

3) Being lazy is not an option

Being lazy gets you nowhere. Try putting things back into their places as soon as you are done with them. Disorganized personal and other things not only look bad but this is the root of how you lose things.

4) Box it up!

Imagine a shelf with random things on it all over that entire shelf. Now imagine another shelf with two or more transparent boxes with things inside of it looking organized and clean. Using boxes to store your things is good way to save space and also make your house look organized. You can use colorful tags to name the boxes as well to remember what is in them. You can try decorating the boxes as well using paint or other material.

5) Coat hangers, just like in the movies

Usually we see in certain movies or tv-series, the actor comes inside the room and hangs their coat or sweater on the coat hanger outside. Looks classy, doesn’t it? Get yourself a coat hanger so that you can take or put your coat or jackets right before you leave or enter. This also avoids you putting your clothes on chairs or sofas.

6) Putting off dishes won’t make them any less!

Try doing the dishes right after their use. Putting off doing the dishes not only makes them hard to wash later on but creates an odor in the kitchen as well. They also give off a messy look to your kitchen.

7) Book shelves, wall shelves and other shelves 

Using shelves is a great way to give your house an organized look! It also helps you keep all of your things in a non messy manner. Using shelves to store all your things also saves time. While new home constructions, some people prefer to have their shelves engraved into the walls to save space. One of the most known furniture shops ‘IKEA’ is located in Orlando, Florida. They sell furniture that you have to assemble yourself at home. Their bookshelves can be used as well. 


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