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The Nest Thermostat, Smart Technology for Modern Homes


The Nest Thermostat, Smart technology is built into our homes.

When buying a new home some buyers get caught up in the process and don’t take into account the not-so-sexy features of a house that can cost you money in the long run. Maronda Homes is committed to building affordable luxurious homes that balance modern technology and efficiency, without losing the warmth that you want your home environment to convey.

The NEST Thermostat

Unlike other Pittsburgh builders, Maronda Homes offers the Nest Thermostat as a standard feature across all of our affordable, luxury home communities in the Pittsburgh region. The sleek design and candy colors are reminiscent of an Apple product and strikes a perfect balance of technology and simplicity.

The Nest will automatically adapt to the home surroundings and has the ability to monitor the energy efficient standards. Doing this allows homeowners to reduce their levels of energy consumption and save them money on their utility bills. In the event you are out and want to change settings the built in Wi-Fi feature allows you to adjust settings remotely from your smartphone or tablet when you’re away from your home.


By now you have probably hear the word the phrase “Big Data” thrown around.  The Nest thermostat plugs into the big data cloud and pulls out terabytes of information that can give big insights in to how energy usage habits vary not only in homes but also across communities and regions and even detect broken heating systems.

The Nest Thermostat has consistently been ranked as the top programmable thermostat by Top 10 Reviews and Consumer Reports as well as listed the top selling thermostat on Amazon.

Some new homes boast modernity but in the end have can’t offer the technology and energy efficiency at an affordable price. For more information on an affordable, luxury home, visit Maronda Homes online.


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