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Mortgage Deduction – Loophole for the Homeowner or Boondoggle for the Politician

Google I read in the Wall Street Journal recently that the White House is considering of removing the Mortgage Deduction on Primary Homes.  Given the shortage of revenue Washington finds itself in this seems like a great way to raise revenue without risking the possible backlash for Raising Taxes.  A ...

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A Baby Step Toward Recovery

OK you have heard all the “experts” say housing is coming back.  Economists, brokers, Realtors all have been predicting the housing Markets is starting to show signs of life from “it’s good in certain pockets” to “generally the overall market is improving” to ” the inventory of available homes is ...

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Inventories of Existing Homes are Down

The National housing data for February 2013 indicates that the market has tightened for listing inventories.  Although the data shows a month to month increase of 1.15% of the number of homes listed, the median days on the market is down to 98 days, a 9.26% decrease month over month.  ...

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Maronda Homes Florida Includes a Radiant Barrier

In the continual efforts to provide the most cost effective, energy efficient home, Maronda Homes of Florida has decided to add a Radiant Barrier in the attic to reflect radiant heat from the shingled roofs back to outside of the home instead of allowing that heat to radiate into the ...

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Buyers Market – going, going … gone

It’s official, The National Association of Realtors has announced it is now a Sellers Market.  Given the dwindling supply of good quality homes in prime locations buyers are finding it hard to locate a home to purchase whether it’s a new home, existing home, short sale or foreclosure.  Nationally the ...

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New Rules for Home Lenders Announced

The CFPB (Consumer Financial Protection Bureau) is formally releasing its new rules to implement the portion of the 2010 Todd Frank financial regulation overhaul pertaining to making lenders liable for determining that a borrower is able to repay the loan.  There has been much discussion as to whether this will ...

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