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Benefits of Concrete Block Homes in Jacksonville Florida

At Maronda Homes, we believe in saving people money, especially during tough times. That's why it's our job to efficiently build quality homes at a great value – so you don't end up throwing away your hard-earned dollars.

Our home building process provides the most home for you and your family at the best possible price. It's what we do.

Durbility: Beauty that Lasts

Concrete is one of the most durable materials on Earth. Here in Florida, concrete block is unquestionably the most practical home building material. There's no rotting or wall warping. No extensive maintenance or upkeep requirements. Your home retains its curb appeal and its value - beautifully.

Energy Efficiency: Attractive Energy Savings

Concrete block homes are more energy efficient than wood homes, especially in Florida's hot, humid, sun-baked climate. That's because the mass factor of block acts as a resevoir to trap and store heat from the sun, so that interiors stay cooler longer.

  • The Florida Energy Code: recognizes the value of mass by requiring much less insulation for concrete block walls than for wood frame walls.

  • Air Infiltration: from "wall leaks" is estimated to cause up to 39% of home energy loss. Concrete block walls, which are more airtight than wood frame walls, seal in air conditioned air far better - while keeping out hot, humid air.

Fire Resistant: You Won't Get Burned with Concrete Block

Concrete block is a non-combustible material. Your family and possessions are safer in a concrete block home and your fire insurance rates will be lower too. In addition, concrete block significantly reduces unwanted noise pollution.

Termite Resistant: Concrete Block Terminates Problems

Florida may be the most termite-infested state in the nation. Wood frame homes are tasty targets for these destructive insects, but not concrete block homes. What's more, concrete block homes are virtually immune to dry rot, one of the major causes of exterior maintenance in Florida.

Weather & Storm Resistant: A Beautiful Choice in Ugly Weather

After a hurricane passes, weather resistance may be the most important benefit to a homebuyer nowadays. In a concrete block home, you and your family will enjoy increased safety and peace of mind during dangerous weather. At the same time, your insurance rates will be lower, which can add up to considerable savings here in Florida. Moreover, unlike wood, concrete block does not deteriorate in any way, further protecting the value of your investment.

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