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Art is a Division Coordinator for Maronda Homes in Columbus Ohio. He currently resides in Galloway Ohio with his wife Jody and three wonderful kids Kyle, Kayla, and Kameron. Outside the office he enjoys camping and gardening.

Call It Whatever You Like As Long As You Call It HOME!

Beauty isn’t just skin deep! You can call it Energy Efficient or ENERGY STAR® but at Maronda Homes we call it a BEE Smart! BEE Smart Maronda Homes include a variety of proven energy-efficient features and options that contribute to improved home quality and comfort, lower energy demand, and reduced ...

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How to Inventory the Contents of Your New Home

Your new home is the place where you keep your most treasured possessions – but do you know exactly what you have, what it’s all worth, and what it would cost to replace if you lost it? There are some very good reasons for creating a comprehensive home inventory (which ...

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5 Ways to Organize Your Kitchen in Your New Home

One benefit of moving into a new home  is getting the opportunity to organize your space. Since the kitchen typically gets the most use in your home, it’s a good idea to tackle this room first. Here are a few smart organizing tips to help get you started: Everything in ...

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Importance of Insulation as Temperatures Increase

Insulation is one of the most important components in your home both when it comes to long-term cost savings and ongoing comfort. Whether the temperature outside is 20 below zero, or 100 degrees, the right insulation will keep your home comfortable and energy efficient. Heat is constantly on the move. ...

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