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School’s Out, Florida is In

Summer. That glorious season when the kids are finally home, the pool is open, and it’s time for your long-awaited annual vacation.  Although we all deserve a relaxing summer more studies are showing the negative effects that summer can have on children’s learning retention. A lot can be lost in ...

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Cheat Sheet for Traveling with Kids

Remember when traveling used to be fun? As a kid all of the preparation of packing your bag and getting on that airplane was almost just as fun as the Magical Kingdom and the beautiful Floridian beaches. As a parent the world gets flipped upside down- but that’s ok! Here ...

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Cleaning Your Life- One Appliance at a Time

We’re all familiar with the never-ending search for food in the kitchen. That circular path you take from the cupboards, to the pantry, to the refrigerator, wait 30 seconds and then repeat hoping that desirable food magically appears the second or third or even fourth time of checking. The refrigerator ...

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