Epperson… What’s Life Like in a Crystal Lagoon Neighborhood?

Epperson's Crystal Lagoon

The hype has been all over the media the last few months about Epperson and its Crystal Lagoons® amenity in Wesley Chapel.   An area rich in history will now boast today’s top amenity. Epperson is a perfect blend of past, present and future.  But that’s just the beginning.   NOW ...

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The Minimalist Series: 02 Children’s Closet Care

Whether you’re male, female, senior citizen, child, or newborn the best place to start your minimalist journey is through your closet. You would be absolutely shocked to see how many newborn baby clothes parents buy that will only last a month before the baby outgrows them. I remember watching a ...

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Razones para mudarse al centro de Florida con Maronda Homes

Existen múltiples razones para mudarse al centro de Florida, y como aquí en Maronda Homes siempre pensamos en tu comodidad y bienestar te traemos algunas ideas para que las consideres en tu próximo destino a mudarte. Es importante mencionar que Florida es uno de los estados más soleados de Estados ...

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Una nueva casa para las Navidades!

La navidad ya está cerca, además de ser una festividad llena de alegrías también le daremos la bienvenida a un próspero Año Nuevo, por lo que es una época ideal para cambiar de ambiente y tener un nuevo hogar. Para nosotros es muy importante que nuestros clientes elijan satisfactoriamente la ...

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How to Switch up your Decor for Winter Inspired Looks!

winter tips

How to Switch up your Decor for Fall/Winter Inspired Looks If you find yourself trying to be fully immersed in all things cold weather but are experiencing a disconnect when it comes to your home decor, don’t fret! We’re here to help. Below are some pointers for transforming your favorite ...

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The Minimalist Series: 01- Introducing Simple Living

How many t-shirts do you own? How many toys are in your children’s playroom? What would be your guess as to the amount of cooking tools that are shoved into every nook and cranny of your kitchen? Let’s take this a step further and ask how many items in total ...

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