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Jacksonville FL Area

Maronda Homes Plans for New Homes

The Construction of the Plan of Construction

Get Plans That Meet Your Needs… Have you ever designed your perfect home in your mind, gone to an architect and him break your heart by shooting down your greatest floor plan ideas. At Maronda Homes, we understand that a home is much more than concrete, wood and building materials. ...

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Lexington Park LOCATION!!!

Welcome to Lexington Park, a premier LOCATION in Jacksonville. Carved out of what was once ranches, farms, and forest land, Lexington Park offers a “get away” environment that is convenient for all your needs.  Embark on the journey to make choices for your new home and have Maronda build it ...

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Tubes in the Wall – Why?

One of the features that is included in your Maronda Home is the Home Team Pest Control, Tubes in the Wall.  As a prospective home owner looking for a new home in Florida, why should you care about Tubes in the Wall?  Well, there are several reasons, but first I ...

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