Community Spotlight Tampa FL Area

Charming Calusa Creek

Some of Maronda’s most charming homes can be found in Calusa Creek!

Ready to finally make that move? Located in Punta Gorda, Calusa Creek might be the perfect new home community for you! This community is now home to some of Maronda’s finest designs along with a surplus of amazing scenery, tranquility and the beautiful sunshine that is everywhere. With nearly 14 different home designs in effect, finding the perfect one or two story home should be simple enough! Here is some amazing things to think about when moving to one of the best small cities in Florida.

Considered a gem on Florida’s edge, Punta Gorda is a city full of charming delights. Considered a premier location for recreation, sports, leisure, travel, arts and culture and a variety of casual and fine dining, Punta Gorda is an endless realm of opportunities. When you think of Florida, who doesn’t think of beaches? Voted Marina of the Year, Top 10 Places to Sail and ranked #15 Best Yachting Town, Punta Gorda has had a reputation of being a water paradise.

Safe and secure neighbors are what surround Punta Gorda. With this reputation, local events like farmer’s markets and fairs, make bringing the family out a peaceful and stress-free event. Orchids, bouquets of flowers and a fresh meal straight from the farm will sit perfectly in your Maronda Home.

What is Florida without some fishing and wildlife? Fishing for snook, silver king tarpon or even sightseeing at your nearby location can be a beautiful way to spend the day with your family and friends.

Although fine dining seems to be a phrase everyone uses, there is no better way to have a glass of wine or even a quick sandwich than on some amazing balconies overlooking the water. Punta Gorda thinks big, boisterous and desired…welcome home!