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Community Spotlight: Palmetto Estates Florida

Living in Palmetto Estates

What could possibly be better than loving where you live? Nothing! Maronda Homes would love to introduce you to a community that evokes affordable luxury to the fullest.

Welcome to the our spotlight community, Palmetto Estates! Located in Manatee county Florida, Palmetto is a popular spot for many locals relocating in the state and those wishing to finally live here. With a growing population of nearly 13,000, Palmetto is the city to live in. Just 30 miles south of Tampa and less than 15 miles from Sarasota, Palmetto has become a great relocation spot for those looking for a better commute to the cities.

There is a lot of fun history that comes with the city of Palmetto. According to the city’s history, “Samuel Sparks was among the first settlers to arrive at Palmetto in 1868. He is also known as the ‘Father of Palmetto’. He contributed significantly to the original planning of the city and also donated land for three churches, a park, the Woman’s Club and a public library. The city was incorporated in 1897. A railroad was built through it in 1902; it helped quicken the growth of the city as it allowed contractors to have a steady supply of building materials.”

Palmetto Estates Riviera-Dunes-Marina-Palmetto-FloridaMany locals love the location of Palmetto because of the activites that come with the city. Nearby attractions include: Green Bridge Fishing Pier, Buffalo Creek Golf Course, Imperial Lakewoods Golf Club, Regatta Pointe Marina and the Frog Creek Camp Grounds & RV Park.

While enjoying the attractions, locals love the fact that their new homes are only a short jaunt away. Living in our Maronda Homes Palmetto Estates community has been great experience for our home owners. The affordable prices, quality concrete construction, surplus of new home designs and the pleasure of living in a Maronda community will make any person happy. We hope to see you soon!