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How To Unlock Your Self-Guided Tour

Technology has revolutionized the construction market through websites, virtual tours, online galleries, phone appointments, and now self-guided tours.  They quite literally place all the power in the home buyers hands allowing THEM to be in charge of when and how they tour potential homes.

Driving to a home and touring it on your own might be a foreign concept, but here is a step-by-step process on How to Self-Tour with Maronda Homes. You can start this process from your home desktop or you could start on-site with phone in hand. It’s up to you! It only takes 10 minutes to unlock our Inventory Homes for Self-Tours.

1. Find a Maronda Home That Offers a Self-Guided Tour

It’s a beautiful Tuesday afternoon and you want to go house shopping. So you hop in your car with the kids and drive to a Maronda community. You find the inventory homes and are in love with what you see on the exterior. On the front door is a lockbox beckoning you in and all you need is a mobile phone to unlock your visit.

First step is to go directly to our website and find this inventory home. The easiest way would be to go to the webpage of the community that you’re in and scroll down to the HOMES READY NOW section.

Find Homes with the Yellow Highlighted Icon

Look for the Yellow-Highlghted Bar above the home name. If it appears then press the home’s link which will direct you to a page that looks similar to the one below.


Press the yellow key Self-Tour button which will direct you to the registration page.

2. Register with Rently

Registration Page

Rently is going to ask for some registration information including phone number, name, and email. If you’re using a laptop it will send a link to your phone so that you can continue on your mobile device. This is because you’ll be using your phone to check into the house.

3. Verify Identity

Verify Your Identity

The next step will be to verify your identity. You will be asked for a picture of your drivers license, a selfie, and your credit card information. The drivers license and selfie are required to verify that you are who you say you are. Your credit card will only be charged a one-time 99 cent convenience fee.

4. Schedule Your Visit!

Pick any open slot on our schedule to come on in! Just make sure that you are on time for your “appointment”. You will only be able to enter the home during your designated hour.

5. How To Unlock the Home

When you reach the property you will go directly to the lock box attached to the front door. Rently will  prompt you to call an 888 number where you will give them the serial code found on the lock box. Then you will be given the code. Use the code to unlock the box to find the KEY to the home and enter! You have a whole hour to explore the space.

6. Concluding your visit

Before you leave, make sure that the house is left in the same condition as you first saw it. When your hour is over, lock the house up with the key, and return the key to its rightful place in the lock box. Ta-Da! You’ve completed your very first self-guided tour!

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