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Tubes in the Wall – Why?

One of the features that is included in your Maronda Home is the Home Team Pest Control, Tubes in the Wall.  As a prospective home owner looking for a new home in Florida, why should you care about Tubes in the Wall?  Well, there are several reasons, but first I ought to explain what Tubes in the Wall are.  A Maronda Home has two pest control chemical delivery systems built in to every home.  This first is for Termites.  When the foundation is prepared and after the slab plumbing is installed Maronda calls Home Team Pest Control and they install flexible plastic tubes around  the plumbing pipes at each location where the pipes will penetrate the concrete floor.  The tubes change color at the ends because they go from a solid tube to one that has small holes in it allowing the tube to deliver chemicals to control termites at the location where they can enter.  The tubes all run to a box on the outside of the home and are there if they are ever needed.

Once the rough framing is complete the Home Team Pest Control agents come out again.  This time they string tubes inside the walls.  Again some sections of the tubes are solid and others are permeable.  The tubes all terminate at a box on the side of the home.  Again, you ask, WHY SHOULD I CARE?  If you have never owned a home before, you may not have thought about what a challenge bug control is here in Florida.  One of the cool things about living in the Tropics is how living things thrive here.  Plants grow like crazy.  We have plants popping up like weeds that people up North pay for at their local nurseries.  But with all this surging life all around us we also have a thriving bug population.  Bugs live everywhere here.  If you currently live in an apartment complex that is bug free, how many times have you seen the “bug guy” walking around spraying something.  You may see him so often you probably even know his name.

If you aren’t lucky enough to live in an apartment complex that is bug free, you already know how hard it is to get rid of bugs inside your home.   I know you convinced yourself that it’s because you have a neighbor that “lives like a pig” and the bugs just pass through your place trying to get to all the garbage over at his place.  Guess what, the bugs are drinking and snacking at your place as well. It doesn’t take much to feed a bug.

In any case, who is going to stay home from work so the Bug Guy can come in and spray your home?  If you do find a bug service that comes on the weekend is that how you want to spend your Saturday?  Waiting for the bug guy to show up because he has a dozen appointments and is trying to fit you in?  Do you have pets or do you hope to have pets in your home?  What happens if the cat  or the dog get into the chemicals while the spray is still wet?  That should be a fun visit to the Vet.

With Tubes in the Wall the “bug guy” can get the chemicals into the walls of your home without being in your home.  The tubes allow the chemicals to be sprayed INSIDE the wall cavity not on the surface of the wall and floor all from the box on the outside of your home.  The wet chemicals stay away from children and pets.  You don’t have to give up your Saturday or take off from work to let anyone into your home.  Yet your home is protected

Tubes in the Wall.  It’s one of those little things Maronda provides that make our homes a great value.  Do most of our customers realize how valuable it is before they purchase, probably not.  But they do after they have moved in.