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North Port Florida – Maronda Builds in Top Ranked City

Maronda Homes in North Port Florida

As Maronda Homes is gaining recognition as one of the most affordable luxury builders in the U.S., one of their building cities, North Port, Fl., now ranks as one of the best small cities to live. According to a recent article from Inside Real Estate, North Port came on top as the only Florida city on the Top Ten List.

Once a part of Port Charlotte, Fl., North Port declared its independence in 1974 and is part of Sarasota County.

Coming in as number 7, the city of North Port has a smaller population of 60,000 residents, compared to other Florida cities. The article stated the criteria that the list was based on derived from 6 different factors: cost of living, crime, median household income, the unemployment rate, median home price and homes for sale per capita. Uniquely, the magazine notes how simple it is to actually find a house in North Port compared to the others on the list, such as cities in Texas, Tennessee and Oklahoma. North Port is different from the other locations because for every 40 people there is one available home.

As Maronda Homes is recognized in North Port as a reliable builder, many of our communities reside in the area. Communities such as Villas at Charleston Park, Villa Milano, South Gulf Cove and at a distance in the city of Port Charlotte, River Club. 

North Port is also regarded as a strong leader in school districts. The North Port area has five elementary schools, one public charter school, two middle schools, one high school, and one college. Schools such as Toledo Blade Elementary School (K-5), Glenallen Elementary School (K-5), Cranberry Elementary School (K-5), Atwater Elementary School (K-5), Lamarque Elementary School (K-5), Imagine School at North Port (K-11), Heron Creek Middle School (6-8), Woodland Middle School (6-8), North Port High School (9-12) and USF Sarasota-Manatee at North Port.

According to the city of North Port, the growing economy is branching out into the arts, volunteer groups, youth activities and a strong working environment that is producing many jobs for the city. For more information, North Port has a community connection website where future residents are encouraged to visit and learn more. Maronda has been building in North Port for many years and would love to share the greatness of this city with you! Feel free to visit our website and research our array of new homes available to you.