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What do millennials want in their new home?

There was a time when companies and business owners were doubtful about hiring millennials because their skills did not easily convince them, but now our young generation is now considered to be the biggest workaholics!

Millennials are the new hot topic nowadays, and researches have shown that over the years, the young generation has grown out to be productive and they are now a valuable source of revenue generation too! Well, now along with all the other businesses, the housing market is also a millennial-facing industry now, and a significant percentage of first-time home buyers are millennials. Here in this article, we are going to answer the most frequently asked question about Millennials that, what do they look for in a new home?

Open Floor Plan

Millennials prefer fewer walls and they look for open floor plans, a floor plan that integrates the kitchen with the bedroom just to make socializing easy. The trend of formal dining rooms is almost non-existent, and now young buyers use kitchens as the hangout rooms and family rooms. They also are budget conscious which is why they prefer small and versatile homes with open floor plans!

Home Office

Home offices have a vast appeal when it comes to millennials. According to research more than half of the American population worksfrom home which is why home offices are the top most priority for theyoung buyers.

Energy Efficiency

As said earlier, this young generation is budget conscious, and they prefer energy efficient homes where the monthly utility bills are lower in cost. They avoid spending extra on cooling and heating systems, in fact, they prefer a design which has energy efficient appliances in it. Also, millennials want small houses which are at a good location and are at a walking distance from public transports and other stores, restaurants, etc.

Laundry Rooms

Millennials have very different laundry habits as compared to the previous generation, and they search for homes which have separatelaundry rooms just for laundry. It is common for this to be high on their wish list!

Master Bedrooms

The other most wanted factor that millennials look for in new homes are master bedrooms which are spacious and have huge baths too. The new generation are attracted to homes with open floor plan, with a master bedroom and a separate laundry. The housing industry is now more focused on building such homes that can attract the younger generation!