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A new house is undoubtedly a unique experience

Moving to a new house is undoubtedly a unique experience that deserves to be celebrated in style, it is an accomplished goal and Home Building Tips means a new beginning full of expectations and new experiences. It will be your ideal meeting place with your family and yourself. It is the perfect opportunity to celebrate a dream come true. Here at Maronda Homes we bring you practical and simple tips at your disposal to celebrate your party without complications.


We recommend including photos of your new home in the invitation, this will make it easier for your guests to locate your new home. Be sure to include important information such as date, time, place and any other information that you consider relevant in the invitation. Do not forget to set times and dates considering that they are prudent to your guests. Try not to invite more people than you can receive, since everything could get out of control. Send your invitations a month in advance, this will be a prudent time to make the last touches and will allow your guests to organize their activities in advance to attend your celebration.
In addition to inviting your family and friends, invite your new neighbors this will give you and them the opportunity to interact in a totally relaxed environment, remember that it is your first presentation and this is the ideal opportunity to make yourself known and show your skills as Perfect hostess. 


A party is nothing without the guests, they go excited to the house Opening party So you have to pay full attention and give them the welcome they deserve.

The best decoration without a doubt is to have a clean, shiny house, however we have created for you small strategies that could be very useful for you.


Focus on simple decorations
We recommend using as a theme the details that prompted you to choose this house in the first place, for example, if you have a garden it would be ideal to decorate with freshly cut flowers and plants, also that it will give a touch of freshness and naturalness to your party.
Another fantastic idea would be to take your party to your garden. No one can resist a moonlight dinner!

If the celebration you plan in your new home is close to a festive date you can take the opportunity to make this your theme, for example, if Christmas dates are coming you can make a simple decoration, inspired by Christmas.

Many people like to see photographs so you can add photographs of your loved ones and adventures together to your decoration. It will attract the attention of many people.
Placing some candles, using flavoring and good music is a good idea, it can make a difference in the perception that your guests have of the house.
Make sure you look presentable, it is important to look good when you give a party, put on something comfortable that suits you.
When you receive your guests you must be very polite greet each of them and offer them something to drink.
Socialize with all your guests, avoid spending a lot of time with just one, remember that they will know your new home and everyone should be taken care of. It is part of being Cortez.

Take a tour of your home, taking into account the occasion, your guests will want to know your new comfort zone, do it as quickly as possible so that it is not boring but without being rude or in a hurry with the guests

Menu Home Party at Maronda Homes

As a good hostess you will have to prepare a table that is up to par. It can be a breakfast, snack, snack or dinner, This could be selected according to the time you want to manage your party, however we recommend something that does not generate much work, light and unique to the palate of your guests. We recommend a table with different snacks. A buffet in this way everything is very comfortable, place the table next to the wall to occupy less space, place an accessory table for plates, cutlery and glasses
Do not forget to decorate your table with a beautiful tablecloth. If your decoration is based on Christmas it is not a bad idea to make a dinner with the typical dishes according to the season. Don’t forget to add a dessert to your menu


Check your guest list and decide the drinks according to your tastes, if you plan to serve alcoholic beverages make sure you have non-alcoholic options for those who do not consume.
Consider preparing a specialty drink for the occasion, usually guests like to try new drinks
Make sure you have water for your guests, either filter or bottles.

Make a toast ? with your family, neighbors and closest friends, celebrate your achievement, after so much work is a dream come true. Don’t forget to take pictures and shoot videos and then remember this beautiful moment!

Enjoy the comfort of your new home, you deserve it!