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What is your Furnishing Style?

Thinking to spruce up your home space?

Your furnishing style lends insight into what sort of person you are. Your living space not only reflects your personality, it gives people the opportunity to get to know you without even engaging in a conversation. A tidy house can reflect a well put-together individual, while a cluttered mess indicates harrowing circumstances. So if you’re a new home buyer or simply looking to change the outdated façade of your once lovely looking home, you’ve come to the right place because here is a guide of how you can give your house character and yet still portray that personal touch.

Mid-Century Modern :If you’re looking for that sleek look with a hint of warmth, this is the category for you. After narrowing down the central colors you want to work with, start looking at the polished wooden furniture with minimalistic designs that do not take away from the straight lines and natural elegance of the piece and perfectly off-set your oak flooring. Adorn the wood-paneled walls with abstract art motifs and solid colored area rugs would complete the graceful mien you’re going for.

Industrial: Some people prefer the rustic unfinished wooden structures and blend it with steel and chrome. This vintage look boasts unique furniture that provides a nostalgic feel. To achieve this rough-hewn furnishing appearance wall-spanning shelving, cart and truck-styled tables, leather upholstery paired with metallic lights and stainless steel counter-tops, brick walls with monochrome accents would bring the appropriate vintage effect.

Shabby Chic: Quite similar to the Bohemian designs, the Shabby Chic look is more towards the feminine and light-toned in terms of furniture and accents. These pieces generally have a rustic antique look to them with distressed wood structures, opulent décor such as down-feather cushions, slip-covered upholstery, wooden cabinets and delicate wooden tables

BohemianMore vibrant in terms of colors, rich artworks and traditional sofas are splayed around the house, with an excess of unusual cushions. The Bohemian style appears chaotic with crammed rooms that are filled to the brim with artful lamps and handmade rugs strewn about.  

Nautical Warm: For those who have a taste for the cottage variety splendor, imagine a warm and sunny day in the beach. Blue and white palates are reflected through every piece in the house, from the thematic wooden décor on the walls, strewn seashells on trunks of chest, to the sofas and the love seats. 

Scandinavian: A very sought after style, the Scandinavian designs improvises on the minimalistic approach by bringing the cheerful elements together in a seamless blend of charm and happy. With white as the central color, warm-toned furnishing in a mix of wood, fiberglass or plastic is the perfect thing. Planked flooring covered with fur throws, chunky dinner tables and woven baskets are essential to attain this Nordic style.