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What’s It Like Living in Orlando Florida?

Perhaps, most of you have noticed that when people talk or mention Orlando Florida, you often think about Disney World. But the truth is, Disney is not even in the city of Orlando. It is located about 15-20 minutes away. This amazing city hosted over sixty-eight million people last year.

Generally, Orlando Florida has a very pleasant weather, especially if you can handle the humidity & high temperatures during the summer. Also, the summer has rainy seasons, with shower and storm expected mostly each day for several weeks. Generally, the rain can come then go quickly, to the very point that you would not even know it had rained. Additionally, the winter is mild, even though after being used to heat you may be very surprise how cold it can get.

Things You Need to Consider If Planning to Move in Orlando Florida

If you are planning to move to Orlando Florida, then there are a lot of things you should consider about, here are a few as follows:

Traffic – Unfortunately, when you live in the most visited place in the world, traffic is unavoidable. From people driving to the amusement park, beaches or sightseeing, the Lynx public transportation is making life much easier.

Public Transportation:  The popularity of Orlando can make getting around a pain especially on I-4. You will not find another public transportation that is completely free and as reliable as The Lynx. It’ll take you anywhere across downtown.

Employment – A major hotbed for tourism, thanks to all the theme parks. So there are plenty of jobs out there for residents. Disney and Co. employs over 62,000 Orlando residents.

Hurricanes – Well, not very much. Like most tropical, the humid areas come as well with the severe caveat of hurricanes potential. Mostly, Orlando is outside of danger zone. There has not been serious hurricanes threat for about years. But, still it is very important that you know about it to be more prepare.

Heat – For the Northerners, heat could be refreshing however after an hour you will begin to get irritated with the persistent sweating & look for some excuses just to stay indoor especially during summer.