Community Spotlight

Retiree Hot Spot: Punta Gorda Florida

Maronda Homes finds treasure in Punta Gorda

If kids find their dreams in Disney World, where do the retirees go? Welcome to Punta Gorda Florida! Enthusiasts from all over the world find their retirement in Punta Gorda. From fishing and boating, to even enjoying a cocktail on a dock, finding your peace is easy in Punta Gorda.

Founded in 1882, Punta Gorda, which means “fat point” in Spanish, is know by this term because of how the land juts out into the water. The Peace River, is the main river many residents see everyday the cuts Punta Gorda and Port Charolette in two. With the beautiful water comes beautiful weather! Punta Gorda is known for its reasonable weather usually ranging from mid 50’s all the way up to the 90’s year round. Noted as a hidden gem by many residents, Punta Gorda shares the land with less than 17,000 residents, making it one of the smaller communities.

Punta Gorda is roughly 100 miles away from Tampa. This region is starting to grow as one of the most respected and talked about communities because of the culture and legacy.

With any coastal community, Punta Gorda did face some hardships with the blast of Hurricane Charley nearly 15 years ago. Instead of harping on the past, Punta Gorda looked to the future. On the brink of destruction came a town that pulled together to bring life back to normal. Upon the renewal process, nearly 18 miles of bike paths were implemented. With the paths came yellow-school bus style bikes that are free of charge in over 5 rental locations. Not a fan of riding bikes? No Problem! Punta Gorda also offers free town boat launches and parking in their over $12 million parking garage that looks like an office building. This comes in handy for the many waterfront parks and attractions, for you and your pets!

Local residents can always be found in one of the most popular regions of the area, Fishermen’s Village. Guests in this area can enjoy great music, non- chain restaurants, condos, military museum, and boats to watch and rent.

Punta Gorda is holding up to its “melting pot” image with residents traveling primarily from the mid-west. As noted in recent surveys though, many residents are coming from Canada and Europe because of the diversity, culture, language and the accessibility to reach the town just by walking. Many residents love the connection the community has with one another, even if they just met.

Many feel the jitters of moving to a region they’ve never experienced before. This is common, especially is your traveling from the snowy north! Finding peace and serenity in your Florida home should be easy, especially in Punta Gorda.

What makes this even easier is the Maronda Home you can live in! Punta Gorda is a hot spot for our affordable luxury homes. We are currently building in our South Gulf Cove, River Club, Villa Milano and just slightly north is Villas at Charleston Park.