Tampa FL Area

It’s almost June, so do something

OK so it’s almost June.  It may be hard to believe that 2012 is almost half gone but the halfway point is not very far off.  Given that, there are a few things you may have been putting off both chore wise and fun wise so here are some suggestions to get you started.

Fertilize your lawn.  It’s summer and your lawn needs to be prepared for both the heat and periods of dryness.  That means you need to cut it at its longest for the year and you need to add your quarterly application of fertilizer.  Keeping your lawn well fed helps it resist both insect damage, pest damage, and weeds so if you didn’t do it last month, get some fertilizer down today.  If you have St. Augustine grass, keep your eye out for “St. Augustine Decline”.  It is a fungus that can attack St Augustine grass with few known cures.  Check with your local Agricultural Extension Office for information on SAD.

The Tampa St Petersburg area has the Brothers of the Sun Tour featuring Kenny Chesney and Tim McGraw playing at Raymond James Stadium on Saturday June 2nd.  Should be a good show if you are one of the millions of Country Music fans out there.

If your Spring Cleaning has been delayed like mine you might also want to get more space by organizing your closets,  check Ten Tips to Organizing your Closets.

If Theater is more to your liking, the Producers will be at the Straz Center for the Performing Arts July 21 and 22nd.  This Academy award winning Mel Brooks Mel Brooks Comedy is well written and an enjoyable show.

Now that hurricane season is upon us it’s best to be prepared.  No I don’t mean keeping two bottles of Tequila on hand for a Hurricane Party if need be.  If you haven’t given serious thought about getting ready for hurricane season check out the information on Hurricane Preparedness Maronda Style I and Hurricane Preparedness Maronda Style part II.

Who knows if the movie Snow White and the Huntsman will be The Event of June.  With its talented cast it could be.  If movies are something you enjoy, get out and take a movie in.  The impact of a watching a movie in a theater is considerable.  I’ve got no problem with watching DVD’s and saving money but you have to check out at least a couple movies in the theater each year.  Give it a try.  This is one of the advantages of owning a home built by Maronda.  You have saved enough money that you can still have a life outside the home and enjoy yourself.