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There’s “Lots” to Love about Maronda Homes’ NEW INTERACTIVE MAPS

There’s “Lots” to Love about Maronda Homes’ NEW INTERACTIVE MAPS

Maronda Homes is pleased to announce new interactive maps on its website.  The new maps will allow buyers to view real time inventory of our Express Delivery homes and available homesites in our communities and scattered lot areas.  Maronda Homes, always looking to innovate the home buying process is pleased to offer this new tool to help buyers find their next “home sweet home.”


New Interactive Maps Show New Home Buyers soo Much Info

In our new construction communities, our new interactive maps display a snapshot of our current phase that we are building in.  Buyers don’t need to be tech savvy to use our new maps.  They are easy to navigate and use a simple color-coding system.  Available homesites are colored green, pending sales are yellow, sold homesites are red and lots to be released in the future are shaded white.  Best of all our quick delivery homes are shown in yellow and if you mouse over them, a quick preview of the home that is being built on that homesite is displayed.


Maybe living in an HOA community isn’t “your thing.”  You might prefer to build in some of our scattered lot areas.  What does “scattered lot” mean?  “Scattered lot” means that Maronda Homes owns numerous lots all around the area for you to build on. Unlike traditional new construction communities, where a builder will build a few streets at once, these lots are typically in different areas and on different streets. This allows you to choose who your neighbors will be. Typically, our scattered lot communities are in established areas with mature trees, neighborhood landscaping in place, neighbors already living around you and an existing community vibe.  Best of all, we can build on an owner’s lot in most of these areas.


Based on the popular Google Maps, our maps show a closeup of the region that we build in with color coded pushpins on the map

In our scattered lot areas, we also offer new interactive maps to make the home buying process easier.  Based on the popular Google Maps, our maps show a closeup of the region that we build in with color coded pushpins on the map.  Red pushpins on the map indicate we have a quick delivery home available at that pin.  Clicking on the pin will show you more info, photos, interactive floorplans and virtual tours of the home that will be built on the site.  You will also be able to see actual photos of the home under construction.  A simple click to another tab will show you the street view of the home.  Buyers can see what the layout of the lot is like as well as the neighboring homes and what amenities are nearby.  Clicking on a blue pushpin will show a buyer the street view of a vacant lot that is available to purchase.  You can easily picture what your new home will look like on the homesite.  Best of all, these maps are updated in real time as our inventory changes.


These new interactive maps are techie and easy to use for new buyers.  We invite you to take a tour of your next homesite online at