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Cleaning Your Life- One Appliance at a Time

We’re all familiar with the never-ending search for food in the kitchen. That circular path you take from the cupboards, to the pantry, to the refrigerator, wait 30 seconds and then repeat hoping that desirable food magically appears the second or third or even fourth time of checking. The refrigerator in particular has a remarkable capability of being filled to the rim yet containing “no food” and you can’t buy any more because it literally won’t fit. All this means is that it’s time for a much needed spring cleaning.

  1. Empty the trash

If your refrigerator is bursting with food but you still have nothing to eat you not only have a hunger problem but you soon might also have a mold problem. Time to get rid of all of that expired material. That includes but is not limited to mustard containers that you can’t remember when you first opened, ranch dressing that is now green, and that leftover sushi that started smelling a tad bit too fishy 3 days ago.

  1. Consolidate

Many times the issue is that you simply have too many containers of the same food. In my refrigerator this is always happening to the cheese. We have a variety of cheeses ranging from American, cheddar, monkery jack, mozzarella, parmesan, brie and more that I can’t even pronounce so I probably shouldn’t try spelling. Whenever they come to the end of the block we always buy more cheese but of course still have the previous cheese remaining. This results in 2+ packages of the same cheese with different quantities inside of them. Talk about unnecessary. Go ahead and take 2 seconds to make your life easier and simply combine the cheeses or meats or fruits into one bag. You’ll notice that your drawer space can increase by twice the previous amount.

  1. Organize by shelf

This will all depend on your refrigerator but think about it like the food pyramid. There should be a designated section for all:

Vegatables, salad, and fruit


Dairy products


fats, spreads and oils.

  1. Restock

Here’s a crazy idea: stock your refrigerator with food you will actually eat. While all of the cleaning majorly helps in finding what you need it’s not going to be any helpful if the food you’re looking for for your every day snack isn’t even there. Too many times we make our lives a lot more complex than they need to be. When you’re making shopping lists be practical and don’t overstock on an obscure pepper that you only needed to try one new recipe of lasagna on.

Finally, while you’re cleaning create your shopping list and visualize your meals for that week and where each of the ingredients will be placed in your freshly cleaned refrigerator. All in all these four steps revolve around simplicity-simplicity in the way that you shop, organize, and plan for your meals.