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5 Tips for Achieving a Freakishly Clean Home

Clean Home in 5 Freakishly Fast steps

There’s always that one friend or family member whose house is always clean. I’m talking zero dust bunnies under their couches and whiffs of homey aromas floating through every room – even the bathroom! How do they do it? Follow these 5 tips and you can achieve a freakishly clean home too.

1. Keep Wipes Handy

Pick a wipe, any wipe. From Clorox Wipes to baby wipes, it’s important to keep these on hand for quick cleanups. Your child spills something on the kitchen table? No problem. Wipe it up as soon as it happens to eliminate annoying residue. Your spouse walks through the front door with muddy shoes? Don’t sweat it – just wipe it up.

2. Don’t let Junk Linger

Your clean home will seem cluttered if you let junk linger. Junk mail clogging your mailbox and your desk? Train yourself to touch paper once. If you sort through a pile of mail and realize there is nothing useful, throw it away at once. There’s no need to make additional piles or sort junk. Same goes for knickknacks. If you’re guilty of collecting trinkets with zero sentimental value because maybe, just maybe you’ll find it useful one day, the solution is simple – if it’s not useful now, it won’t be useful later. And in the off chance you kick yourself for throwing something away, odds are that object can be replicated or replaced.

3. Master the Speed Clean

Do you periodically find yourself looking at the opposite of a clean home and simply don’t know where to start, or how to start? Sometimes cleaning your entire house in one day just isn’t possible, especially if you actually only have a few hours after work and before bed. Solution? Write a list of everything that needs to get done. Don’t worry about prioritizing because at the end of the day, all cleaning tasks are necessary if you want a freakishly clean house.

Then, set a timer for 30 minutes, and whatever tasks you get done in that allotted time is what you get done for the day. When you’re on the clock, your less likely to get sidetracked by social media, your family, Jeopardy! etc. And if a family member bothers you while you’re on the clock, you can give them a set time on when you’ll be done – because “I’ll be done in 30!” sounds way better than “I’ll be done when the house is clean!

4. Host Guests and Parties

There’s nothing more motivating to clean your house than knowing your in-laws, parents, or friends will be coming over. Hosting overnight guests or parties at home can be motivating factors to get your butt into gear and make your house look acceptable. So the next time hosting a holiday or get-together is up for grabs, say yes!

5. Do Dishes Before Bed

This last one is simple, and can really make a world’s difference. Routines are useful when it comes to cleanliness – take your evening routines for example – you brush your teeth, get in your PJs, and wind down so when you wake up, you feel refreshed. The same goes for your home. If you leave it messy before bed, it’s not going to be clean when you wake up. Prioritizing the sink is a great place to start because smells and bacteria can linger on old food and dirty dishes. Never leave your sink full before bed. You’ll wake up motivated to start a new fresh day, where maybe you’ll clean your whole house.