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5 Tips for Fabulous Fall Landscaping

Fall Landscaping doesn’t have to be all about pumpkins and raking.

Follow these 5 Fall Landscaping Tips for a fantastic fall landscape.

5. Be sure to cut your grass very short when you cut it for the last time before Fall sets in. A  shorter lawn is less susceptible to disease and blight. The shorter blades of grass will also cut down on the amount of dead leaves that accumulate in your yard. With a shorter lawn the dead leaves will tumble across your yard now that they have nothing to catch on to.

4. Planting a shrub in the early fall allows for an bigger results in the spring. this early planting will allow the plant to get a jump on establishing a solid root system before spring hits. Just be sure to allow plenty of space and fill with soil, just be sure not to pack it down to tight. Avoid using a tamper or stomping it down with your foot. This can impede root growth.

3. Most of the fun of having a garden is seeing things bloom when spring rolls around, but without some simple fall landscaping planting you can miss out on the beautiful results. ¬†Planting a couple “Spring Bulbs” during a fall landscaping is an easy way to guarantee your spring is full of color.

2. Fall and winter can be a dull time with a gray skies and white snowscapes. Add some color to your home with some window or flower boxes to break up the exterior color of your house. These flower boxes are an easy fix for homes that have a limited yard but want to still have some added color.

1. Don’t forget about the importance of raking when tacking your fall landscaping projects. In addition to the clutter, these leaves can also be dangerous, especially when they get wet. Leaf covered roads can cause braking and driving hazards. Working in some weekly raking session in to your fall landscaping is a good way to cut down on clutter and keep your walk ways clear and safe.

Fall landscaping is often overlooked but with these couple quick tips you can have a home that stands out.