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Boo-tiful Halloween Night

Ways to make your Halloween a Gh’oulishly great time!


Did you know that the tradition of carving faces into vegetables dates to the Celts. As part of their autumnal celebration, they wanted to light the way to their homes for the good spirits, so they carved faces into vegetables such as turnips and squash. Today we carve pumpkins! Whether you are into scary faces or whimsical themes, creativity has no boundaries. Some great places to find inspiration are Pinterest and your local craft store will typically carry different templates you can use when carving. Remember, safety first…don’t let kids use sharp tools unattended.


No matter your age, dressing up for Halloween is fun for the entire family! In 2018, themed costumes seem to be the rage: Fortnite, Riverdale, Stranger Things, Unicorns. Don’t be shocked when these words come out of your child’s mouth! I have found Spirit Halloween to be an amazing place for all of your costume needs.

Trick or Treat Goodies

Get creative this Halloween with some non-candy alternatives for trick or treat! Kids get plenty of candy for the holiday, so why not add some fun and interactive treats to their bags to offset the traditional candy overload? Your local dollar store or Oriental Trading is a great place to stock up on a variety of choices for all of the kids ringing your bell. Fill your basket with vampire fangs, mini coloring books, eyeball rings, Halloween pencils and erasers. The kids get to choose from a variety and the parents will be trilled with the sugar free choices!

Stay Safe

At Maronda Homes, we want our families and yours to enjoy a safe evening on the 31st! Load the kids up with glow sticks and glow jewelry so they can be seen in the dark. Travel in groups with a supervising adult. Check out this link from Pittsburgh.net so you know the sanctioned date & time for trick or treat in your area. Always check all candy before the kids dig in!

From our family to yours, enjoy the holiday!