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Calling all Grads and Dads

Calling all Dads and Grads: There’s Never Been a Better Time to Build Your Dream Home!

June is the most exciting month for college students…school is out and graduation is near! While in college, most students opt to rent or live in on-campus housing to lower their costs. Upon graduation and obtaining a job, college students will likely consider purchasing their first home as opposed to renting. According to, students with a bachelor’s degree and no student loan debt are the most likely to be homeowners out of any of the student segments!

Additionally, Father’s Day is this month as well, there’s never been a better time to support dad in his decision to pursue purchasing the beautiful home on the lake that he’s always dreamed of.

Booking a home tour has never been easier with Maronda Homes. With locations in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Kentucky, Florida, and Georgia, new homebuyers have their pick of a spacious property within miles of beach access or a starter home in a gorgeous neighborhood with all of the amenities. One of the greatest perks of building with Maronda Homes is the hands-on capabilities of all new homebuyers. New college grads will have the opportunity to build their dream home from the ground up, which is obviously refreshing since they have been living under the terms of their landlords for the past 4+ years. If you have been considering building a new home, now is the best time to surprise your husband or significant other with a home tour. With so many options and locations available exclusively through Maronda Homes, there has never been a better time to channel your creativity into building the home of your dreams.

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