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Carpet Squares for Pets and Kids

If you are tired of throwing away area rugs for your home because of pet or kid stains, you may want to look into carpet squares.


As an amateur decorator and someone that likes to keep up on the newest innovations, I have recently fallen in love with carpet squares.  Carpet squares can be formed and cut to make area rugs or even cover an entire room in carpet.  They come in many different patterns, thicknesses and colors, so you can mix and match or keep it simple depending on your mood.


flor cleanThe ingenious thing about them is that if you get a stain on your rug somewhere, you can easily lift up one tile and just replace it or give it a good deep cleaning.  This is easy to do because of the installation system.  The backs of the tiles feature a rubberized material that prevents stains from soaking through to the floor underneath.  Tiles are connected together by adhesive stickers that attach to the rubberized backs.  The tiles are easy to break apart to replace or reconfigure a pattern.  The rubberized backs allow you to cut a tile to make it fit into any space without the edges fraying.


Carpet tiles come in all different colors and patterns.  You can keep it traditional with a solid patter or go modern with a bold stripe or parquet pattern.  Feeling quirky?  Why not install them on a diagonal diamond shape pattern?  In a modern mood?  Why not do a linear stripe with several different line widths?  Animal prints or toile isn’t even out of the question.  You can even mix and match colors or patterns to get an eclectic feel.  Check out http://www.flor.com/carpet-tiles/all-tiles.html/?___SID=U to see some great examples and patterns of what you can create.

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For a durable, easy maintenance flooring option, I highly recommend carpet squares.  They will add color, fashion and pizazz to your décor.

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