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Darling, Save Electricity

When the night has come, and the land is dark, And the moon is the only light we’ll see if were saving Electricity

Although the Ben King song is a classic and great, but can you actually save money on Electricity at night? Lately if you have been having the feeling that you are getting rip offed and your electric bills have been out of sight, maybe it is YOU. There is a notion that many people have gotten to believe in of that energy costs are relatively low at night than during the day. Trying to get to the bottom of this is tough but there is an article from 2013 The Latest Pitch From Your Power Company: Free Nights and Weekends. They are increasingly offering plans that sound like ads from mobile phone companies: Free nights, free weekends and pre-paid plans.

“We are seeing a transformation in the way people buy and use electricity in the U.S.,” says Steven Murray, president of Direct Energy’s residential energy programs.
The article also has “Dorothea Miller of Sinking Spring, Pa. she signed up for a Direct Energy plan that gives her one day of free power every week. She picked Saturday, and now saves as much of her housework as she can until then. She stops short, she says, of letting mountains of dirty laundry or dishes accumulate in anticipation of Saturday’s free power.”
Shopping for electric can be daunting with all the prices companies and trying to understand a bill can be mind boggling. With all the free weekends and nights the pitches keep coming, but I still believe the answer is yes and no, because the answer still remains unclear.