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Decorating your Home for the Holidays on a Budget

The countdown to the long holiday season has already begun. Every homeowner starts by decorating their home in a unique and creative manner on a budget to make Christmas and New Year celebrations memorable for a long time. You don’t need to rush to the store to buy expensive items  to achieve your goal. Here are some simple yet very effective ideas to decorate your home for the holiday season on a budget.

  1. Arrange supplies from deals available in the market and online sources

Decoration is not possible without the right supplies. Once you have decided on the style of decoration, identify sources where you can buy decorative items at a bargain price. Once you have all the items by your side, it becomes easy to give shape to your dreams. Your local thrift store, hardware store, and online sites are some places where you can search for deals on decoration items.

  1. Beautify the front door

The front door of your home is what is seen first by all your visitors. You can decorate it in many beautiful and creative ways using inexpensive decorative items sold in the market. By using an arrangement of wreaths, flowers, Christmas tree branches, lights, and colorful ribbons, you can transform the looks of your home. Make an arch depending upon how much time and effort you can devote this exercise.

  1. Use candle lights

Candles look beautiful and charismatic, burning inside glass jars filled with Epsom salt. You can place the jars on the Christmas mantle to decorate your home. Salt gives the feel of snow while the flame of the candles creates an ambience full of cheer and warmth.

  1. Place Christmas tree near the staircase

Make your staircase in the living room a center of attraction for your guests by placing a large Christmas tree around it. Decorate it with inexpensive items like foam, color balls, bells, and ribbons to create a majestic looking ambience inside your home.

  1. Pine cone decoration

What is Christmas with pretty pine cones? Get some pine cones, dip them in golden paint and place them after tying golden ribbon around them on the mantle or just fill up decorative baskets with these beautiful pine cones. You can use glue and glitter to produce a sparkling effect on your pine cones.

There are many more creative decorative ideas to decorate your home on a budget that you can find on the internet.