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How to Design the Perfect Media Room

Considering a Media Room in your home?

Want to design a media room in your home? A media room is a space designed to replicate a cinema experience. Media rooms allow you to maximize your viewing experience without leaving your home.  It can be a perfect addition to your home. Here are a few tips to make sure making the most of your space.

Plan- Decide what your budget is and what your overall concept is. Take the extra time to really consider the layout of the room. Placement of the screen is key. Most media rooms have large flat screen televisions or a projection screen with soft lighting and cozy seating. Think about how many people you would like to seat or if you will also use this space to double as another room.

Lighting-It is best to avoid rooms with a lot of natural light so the best location is probably going to be in your basement. Try to keep lighting very minimal. You can use recessed lighting and scones to mimic a cinema experience. Remember you are going to want to keep any lighting on dimmers.

Sound– Replicating theater quality  sound is one of the most important experiences in your media room. You will want to use an AV receiver with  at least four surround sound speakers.  You’ll also probably want a sub-woofer and a center channel.  Most surround sound systems use a sound bar speaker as a center channel, but you may also be able to use your television’s built-in speakers to cut costs.    Although wireless options are available, most speakers will require wires from the receiver.  If you are starting with an unfinished basement be sure to run wires behind the drywall.  If your room is already finished, you can still run speaker wire behind the finished drywall, through a drop ceiling, or behind a baseboard.

You may also want to consider sound-insulating the room so you do not disturb anyone else in the home.  This is easier if you are starting with an unfinished room.

Comfort– This space is used for relaxation. Remember to select cozy comfortable seating and have lots of blankets.

Selection– Make sure you have a fantastic viewing selection. If you don’t want to splurge for a high-end cable package, consider Netflix or Hulu so you never run out of movies and shows to watch.

Not only do home theaters provide you with a great space to enjoy video media with your family, but it provides an alternative way to entertain while adding value to the investment that is your home.


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