Why is the Fall an incredible time to plant?
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Why is the Fall an incredible time to plant?  


Why is the Fall an incredible time to plant?
Get a head start on next Spring and start planting now!

Why is Fall a great time to plant?  Harvest time offers cool temperatures, short days, and trustworthy precipitation.  Plants are beginning to back down on new growth as they are prepared to concentrate on root foundation.  This is actually what you need going into winter for new plants to survive.   When you plant in Fall, you get a head start on spring development.  At the end of the Fall season, your new plants will be established enough in time for spring so you won’t pass up any spring blossoms or development that you can miss when planting in spring.


How to Plant in the Fall…

The fundamental difference with Fall planting as opposed to planting in different times of the year is that you ought to consider the six-week rule before planting.  It is perfect for most plants to be planted around about a month and a half preceding the ground freezing, so they have the opportunity to establish roots.  The fall planting time is very unique depending upon your rowing zone.  The vast majority of people believe that you can’t plant after the first frost hits, however this isn’t correct.  The ground doesn’t solidify until you have daytime temps under 32 degrees Fahrenheit.  There are large parts of the nation where this doesn’t occur until December or even not at all.  So, plant away!


Additionally, you can plant most evergreens and dormant plants and trees even into winter as long as the ground isn’t frozen.  Simply utilize a little good judgment.  In the event that the plant is not a freezing hardy plant and you are on border of a recommended planting zone, it might be a good idea to hold off until spring to give your plant the best opportunity to survive.  For example, say you are in zone 7 and the tree you want to plant is hardy up to a zone 5, you are fine to plant in fall or into winter.  The old phrase, “if you can dig, you can plant” certainly holds credibility.


Once you plant in the Fall, you still want to water the plant thoroughly, not exactly as much as other times of year, obviously, but still thoroughly.  Recently planted trees still need that good watering that encourages good root development.  Even dormant plants and trees still need watering when planted, however, because they need less water in the Fall, it makes your life simpler!


What to plant in Fall…?

From shade trees to evergreens, perennials, bushes, grass seed, and more, your choices are wide-open for what you can plant.  Fall is an ideal time to get cold hardy plants in the ground.  Getting these plants completely settled before summer makes this time of year a good option to plant.  This time of year is awesome for planting conventional evergreens, shade trees, and blooming trees.  Many people don’t understand they will regularly miss the buds of their blossoming tree when planting in spring.  So, Fall is best for planting to see this astounding showcase of color in the following year.


Things to Keep in Mind when Buying Plants in the Fall…

Plants won’t look immaculate in fall.  In fact, sometimes they resemble the “Charlie Brown Christmas Tree.”  They are beginning to slow down their metabolic procedures to ration nutrients for dormancy int the Winter.   Remember, this time of year is when we see the leaves of shading trees change color and drop.  As long as the trunks and branches look sound, and feel supple, never fragile, you have a heathy plant.  Many individuals are worried about purchasing plants in this state; however, it can be great idea.   When your plants are set up in the Fall and Winter, they are prepared to put on a full growing season’s development next year as opposed to planting in the Spring and losing a month or a more of the ground development of the root system.  The best part of planting in the Fall is the deals that you can likely find at your local nursery.  In cold weather states, this time of years, both the big box home improvement stores as well as the local nurseries are offering deals of 25, 50 or even 75% off of live nursery products to clear out the garden center before Winter.


So, what are you waiting for?  Get a head start on next Spring and get planting NOW!