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It’s Fall Y’all

Fall – Spark Your Inner Creativity

Summer is slowly passing and the beautiful fall weather is finally here…

I’m sure you enjoyed your amazing Maronda Home during the summer, but now fall is slowly bringing in the cool breeze. With those beautiful fall days, a little rest from the heat and some of the best holidays popping up, this time of the year can spark some great ideas for you and your family to enjoy during the autumn months. Whether your having a party, get together, a weekend with the family or just looking for a fun project to do on a Saturday afternoon, here are some great tips for you.

Everybody associates pumpkins with fall. But there is a lot of good uses for them other than the week of Halloween. Even if you don’t carve them, setting up pumpkins around the house, outside and just as accent pieces in different arrangements will bring the beauty of this seasonal decoration to its fullest extent.

Another great seasonal idea is using Mason jars. These old canning containers will be the perfect jar for some fun ideas. You can add candles or lights inside for some great outdoor accent pieces. Or try making gifts with them. People love adding the pieces of a recipe inside to create an all in one place for you to do your baking. Brownies, cupcakes, cookies, hot chocolate, and even something like s’mores could all be put into a Mason jar and handed out as gifts. They are simple, cheap and cute!

Some fun tricks are also painting your fall decorations. Just adding some warm colors to any decoration will make it pop and last for a long time. Some great ideas are also with chalk board paint. Spray paint any pumpkin, picture, or knickknacks that will add some color to your Thanksgiving table or even the front porch!