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Getting your New Home Ready for the Holidays

blogmedia-6170.jpgIs it that time of year again? Getting your New Home Ready for the Holidays!

Time to get your home ready for the Holidays. Thanksgiving is around the corner, followed closely by Christmas, which means your home will soon be full of holiday guests. Planning a party or event shouldn’t be stressful. By staying organized and starting early, you can plan and create a memorable holiday. As tempting as it is to panic that your house is not presentable for family and friends try to stay calm and tackle items one at a time. Here is list of ideas to get your home refreshed, organized and ready for your family this Holiday season.

Create a Simple Welcoming Entrance -As for your exterior, you don’t need a house with a million twinkle lights to make an impact. Try a single stand-out wreath, potted evergreens, or a big bow on the front door.

De-clutter- Make sure all toys, exercise equipment, shoes and anything else lying around on the floor is moved out of sight before guests arrive. Clear off coffee tables, and any clutter. Being a good host doesn’t mean you have to have the world’s cleanest house. If you have one messy room, just close the door and turn off the lights.

Add festive touchesAdd seasonal decorative touches this Holiday season, keep in mind you don’t have to go overboard. Fill a bowl with miniature pumpkins or apples and display on the mantle or kitchen island. You can also place lightly scented candles on various surfaces, string twinkle lights along the banister for a festive ambiance and bring some of the outside in with large bowls of pine cones and ribbons of birch bark.

Prepare Enticing Food– You don’t have to have catered meals or extravagant food for the Holidays. Do as much ahead of time as possible. You’ll never run out of nibbles if you shop with an aim to entertain. Stock up so you have a good selection of cookies and crackers.

Drinks– Make sure to stock up on soda and mixers. Also be sure to have coffee (regular and decaf), and a basket of teas. Keep your bar stocked with vodka, rum and a few choices of wine and beer.

Remember, the Holiday Season is about friends and family.