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5 Easy DIY House Projects During Quarantine

As of late, most of the world has become quite restless in their homes. There once was a time when moms and dads alike didn’t have enough hours in the day to complete all of the household tasks. With a world pandemic, that time is over with all members of the household quarantined at home with all of the time in the world. At first, it was a much needed break from the business of daily life. However, with a second month of quarantine rolling in even mom and dad need to be kept busy with house projects.

Now is the time to get that garden you always wanted planted! Now is the time to remodel your kitchen! Finally get your house in order as we present 5 IDEAS TO HELP YOU GET STARTED ON YOUR PROJECTS.

1. Build a Night Stand

When we say build a nightstand we don’t just mean any old night stand. Build the nightstand that you need as a fully functioning 21st-century adult. Incorporate your own charging station! Attach a small reading light! You have all the time in the world to personalize it to meet your every need. Simply Darling has some great ideas on how to incorporate your charging station in your stand. Home Esthetics also has an article which gives 33 ideas on how to get your creative juices flowing one of these projects.

2. Add Floating Shelves

Floating shelves have become increasing popular in home decor. It gives s room a minimal and futuristic feel and with the right material adds a layer of comfort to the space. The best way to achieve this dichotomy of futuristic yet homey is to use a light natural wood color for the shelves. This technique gives your room a rustic and airy vibe. These shelves can be used for practical items like plates in a kitchen or they can be a decorative piece to place plants.

3. Embroider your Linens

No, this is not a grandmothers’ task. This skill is actually regaining a lot of popularity. A lot of creative minds have been dipping their hands in embroidery and there have been some beautiful outcomes. From embroidered t-shirt designs, to throw pillows, to napkins, the possibilities are endless. It can be as large or as small of a project as you wish. If you wish to pursue this hobby here are the first steps to starting your embroidery .

4. Oil your Kitchen Tools

You may be thinking this is a rather random project, but, believe me, your kitchenware needs it. Realistically, you should oil your wooden kitchenware at least twice a year. This protects the boards from cracking and warping due to temperature change and exposure to water.

The first step for this task is to clean all of your boards down. Some good natural products would be a lemon and salt or water. Scrub away and then let all the wood completely dry before you oil it. Once it’s dry give it a good soak in oil overnight and then in the morning wipe the excess oil away.



5. Sharpie Mug

Last, but certainly not least, a project that your kids will adore: The Classic Sharpie Mug. All you need are blank mugs and your house sharpie markers! Let the little ones design to their hearts’ desire and you can create an endearing mug for your spouse. It’s a great way to relax and let your creativity flow after a productive day of getting your house in order. Cheers!