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Kids are gone, now what? Maronda Spare Rooms

Make your extra Maronda space something great!

Your kids leaving the nest is surreal feeling. Although this can be both sad and happy, the reality is there. What now? Re-purposing your extra room is a great DIY project for you and your spouse or friends to take advantage of!

There are many great ideas that you can change a spare bedroom into. Here are just a few:

1. If the room is big enough, what about a fitness center. Finally, you can have a place to put your treadmill, weights and even all of the gear you have bought over the years. Finally some motivation!

2. Keeping the bedroom a bedroom isn’t a bad idea either. Even downsizing and adding some smaller twin beds for guests would be great for either visitors from out of town or even the grand kids.

3. How about a great new office area? There can finally be a place for all of the paperwork, computers and a spacious area for your work.

4. Maybe it is time to be a little selfish… what about a walk-in closet? I know this might be more of a fantasy, but if you could, having a beautiful walk-in area could help you sort out shoes, clothes and just about everything else!

5. Everyone needs some rest and relaxation. How about a zen room? Adding a fireplace and some comfy chairs can make this a great area for a book and cup of coffee.

6. Have a favorite hobby? How about transforming your spare room into a collection center. Guitars, wine or even your favorite figurines, could have a new home in their own room.

7. Do the kids finally have kids? A great playroom would work for everyone and finally keep all of the clutter out of the way from the rest of the house.

8. Forget going to Starbucks, make your own coffee shop! Add a coffee or espresso machine, books, relaxing chairs or just about anything you need to have a great morning retreat.

There can be an endless amount of opportunities that your spare room can change into!