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My kids have Graduated! What do I do now?

Have your kids graduated? Is your nest feeling empty? What to do now…

Your kids have graduated and left for college or careers. What do we do now? Who are we? Life can start to feel like an unknown adventure. Don’t Fret!

You are not alone, because research shows that adults between the ages 0f 50-80 are happier than their 20 year old counterparts! A separate University of Chicago study found that about 75% of people aged 57 to 85 engage in one or more social activities at least every week. Those include socializing with neighbors, attending religious services, volunteering or going to group meetings. So let’s embrace this new freedom without curfews and worry! Here are some ideas to get you started on your NEW child free adventure…

  • Turn your passion or hobby into a business: Your love of flowers and making centerpieces for your home can be useful to others in your community. Your neighbors and friends might just need your expertise in coordinating their homes to mirror a Magnolia dream.
  • Dive into social media: Twitter, Instagram, Facebook…You’ll be surprised at the connections, old and new, you can make.
  • Travel: Don’t just dream about where you can go. Do it! Travel is much cheaper without kids in tow.
  • Learn how to cook: Expand your cooking skills, and use all those ingredients your kids didn’t like!
  • Get a new pet: With a new furry friend to look after, your nest won’t seem so empty.
  • Read new books or binge a great new series: Libraries are free and Netflix is inexpensive!
  • Married? Focus on your marriage: Spousal relationships are often put on the back-burner. Pay attention to your spouse and remember why you fell in love.
  • Downsize: Clean out those boxes in the attic and basement. Find a space that fits your current lifestyle. Explore new construction in an area fit for you.

Life is not over because your kids have flown the coop! The best is yet to come…