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Kitchen Lighting Ideas for Your Home

Considering Changing Your Existing Lighting Fixtures?

The kitchen is a room that should be equipped with versatile lighting.   Some options include recessed, pendants, chandeliers, track, and unique fixtures.  Proper selection to best suit your need is key since the kitchen may be one of the most important rooms in your home.

Island– Use pendant lights over islands for a modern look.   A pendant light fixture hangs from the ceiling with a rod or chain. It can come with single or multiple shades and can be made of materials such as glass, steel, or plastic. If you have a small kitchen, no problem-try mini pendant lights.

Kitchen Sink- Well used areas such as the kitchen sink require adequate lighting so a nice well positioned recessed light or pendant light is a sure fire bet. Another option would be track lighting. You can simply point the adjustable heads at the spot you wish to illuminate.

Track– Track lighting fixtures can be purchased in varying lengths.  Some varieties also allow the flexibility of installing additional add-on lengths later.

Under cabinet and over cabinet– This type of lighting accents your work spaces. It needs to be clear and bright for preparing meals.  Over cabinet lighting creates mood lighting in the kitchen and serves as a night light in the evening.  This lighting is versatile and  it can also be used for showcasing a lovingly prepared meal.

The best kitchen lighting ideas can often be discovered by looking through pictures of kitchen lighting on and off the Internet. Or by visiting friends and family members and looking at their lighting set-ups. Look closely at what effect the lighting has on certain areas and the type of fixtures used. Ideas can be picked up virtually anywhere.

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