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Latest Trends in Countertops

Here are just a few of the latest trends in countertops.

Your countertop should reflect your own personal style while still accommodating your needs in your kitchen or bathroom.

Tempered Glass– is a less common type of countertop material that is making a splash with homeowners that want something unique. Similar to metal, glass can be heat treated which increases its strength. It comes in many forms and styles. Smooth surfaces as well as textured glass are options.  The thick, translucent material is tough and has a pleasant tactility, while still remains easy to clean.  With glass, you’ll have a unique yet functional countertop.

Natural Granite– is one of the most popular materials in kitchen countertops, granite serves as a beautiful, durable heat-resistant surface for meal preparation and daily use. Granite is low maintenance with a yearly resealing that will help prevent stains and bacteria growth.  Countless colors and patterns are available to choose from and since it is naturally occurring no two pieces are the same.

Durable Engineered Stone- An alternative to natural stone, engineered stone countertops composed of 93 percent quartz particles are catching up with granite in popularity. Quartz countertops combine the look of stone with increased durability. (I thought granite was more durable than quartz) Quartz countertops are scratch, stain- and heat-resistant and require very little maintenance.

Upscale Laminate– Today’s laminate countertops mimic the look of pricey stone and solid surface countertops for a fraction of the cost. Laminate countertops are very low maintenance, but they’re not heat-resistant and are susceptible to chips and scratches.  These are great options for bathrooms where exposure to high temperatures and cutlery is less of a concern.

Customizable Concrete – Concrete can be custom cast to create one-of-a-kind design. It can be finished with a variety of techniques to make it shiny or dull and it can be stained almost any color.  Small pieces of decorative metal, glass, shells, or stone can be pressed into the surface of the concrete to show off your personal style or theme.  The only type of maintenance required is regular sealing.

Marble- Marble can add sophistication to any kitchen. Although marble does stain and scratch more easily than granite, its smooth, cool surface is ideal for preparation and baking. It is also one of the most expensive options in kitchen countertops.

Granite and laminate Countertops are probably still the most popular, and quartz is becoming very popular.  However, there are so many options for various functional needs, style preferences, and budgets.

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