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Make Your Dream Home Dreamier

Dream a little Dream!

Congratulations – you’ve moved into your dream house (breathe a sigh of relief) – but did you know there are ways to make it even dreamier? Become the master of your new dream home by adding these simple additions to your favorite rooms, and you’ll never want to leave.

Detoxify & Beautify Your Bedroom

Dismiss technology from your bedroom and opt for soothing devices like sound machines and humidifiers. If you find yourself tempted to check your work email 24/7, don’t do it! Make the conscious choice to leave your laptop out of your bedroom and tell yourself work can wait. This goes the same for watching TV before bed (or having a TV in your bedroom) – your brain needs time to wind down after a long day at work – TV time can actually prevent you from getting a restful sleep. Sound machines, on the other hand, provide pleasant noise that can drown out the distractions like the garbage man tossing trash cans early in the morning. As for adding a humidifier, by increasing the humidity in your bedroom, you can find yourself getting a better night’s rest especially if you’re prone to seasonal allergies, the flu/common cold, and dryness.

Detoxify – check. Now beautify your bedroom and make it your calming retreat. Adding a fresh, colorful duvet and throw pillows can improve any room. Whatever your color theme may be, the additional plant or two (like peace lilies and spider plants) can provide that missing element of a completed room.

Make Your Kitchen Gourmet (So You Can Cook Like A Pro)

Your dream home includes beautiful appliances, but adding additional counter-top devices or kitchen gadgets can completely transform your meal prep and preparedness. Our favorite devices are the KitchenAid Classic 4.5-Qt Stand Mixer that adds functionality and versatility to your cooking experience. With multiple attachments, bowls that are dishwasher safe, and different color options, this mixer will make your already-great kitchen even better. And, you can’t forget kitchen gadgets. It seems like nowadays there’s a gadget for just about everything – from bagel slicers to hamburger stuffers – these fun and useful gadgets will make your kitchen stand out.

Find Balance in a Livable Living Room

Designed with functionality in mind, your dream home living room fits your style with ease. But it’s the additional touches that will make your home dreamier. It’s all about finding balance. There are the big items in your living room like the couch, coffee table, TV, and armchairs. And then there are the stylistic touches you add like throw pillows, blankets, picture frames, and candles. But then there are the everyday items that get added, and maybe not purposefully, like remote controls, coasters, magazines, homework, books, iPads… the list can go on and on. Learning to de-clutter doesn’t always come naturally. But luckily there are inventions that help control the craziness of everyday living. Let’s start with the coffee table.

Instead of keeping magazines that you’ve already perused, buy coffee table books that look like they actually belong. As for your remote controls, chargers, random devices that make their way to the living room, decorative bowls or boxes will give these items a specific place in your living room. As for blankets, if they don’t go with your décor, it’s okay to store them away. Look into storage ottomans that hide items or decorative baskets you’re proud to have out.