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DIY Pallet Planter

DIY Pallet Planter! Looking for a way to get the most of your plants this summer? Tired of walking around your porch for an hour watering every single little pot? We’ve got the DIY of your dreams…..

Behold, the Pallet Planter. Sounds too good to be true, right? Well, here it is!

What you’ll need:

-A wooden pallet *a quick note: you want to make sure that the pallet you obtain is sturdy and good quality, not dry rotted and dingy.

-Landscape paper: enough to be doubled thickness and stapled on the back of the entire pallet

-Staple gun and staples

-Outdoor paint and primer-if you want to spruce up your new planter! Or you can go for the more raw, earthy vibe of the pallet in its natural form!

Plants/herbs and soil

Directions (you won’t believe how easy this actually is!)

1.) Take your newly acquired landscaping fabric and make sure it is double thickness. Flip the pallet over and staple the fabric to the wood, using a staple about every inch or so. This will keep the dirt from falling out of the back of the pallet.

2.) Trim the excess fabric from around the edges of the pallet, then flip it over.

3.) If you opted to paint your new planter, you’ll want to apply a coat of primer and then the paint to the desired pigmentation. Allow to dry

4.) Once your paint job has dried, lean your pallet up against a wall or railing so that the front is facing outwards. You can now fill in the openings between the boards of the pallet with soil and add in your herbs or flowers!

5.) Viola! Enjoy your new, low maintenance summer planter!

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