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Paver Walkways Add Value & Pizzazz to Your Home

paversAdding a paver walkway from your driveway to your yard is easy and will add a lot of value to your home with minimal cost and effort.

Looking for a summer project this year that will add a lot of value to your landscape?  Try installing a paver walkway.  In addition to adding beauty, walkways will add a lot of value to your home.  A recent article by Equifax lists paver patios and walkways as one of the top value adding upgrades.  New concrete paver stones at your local home improvement store make it easy for a weekend DYI warrior to handle.

I decided to take on the challenge of installing one of these myself this past week.  I have always liked the look and feel of real stone and always wanted to incorporate it into my yard somewhere.  My yard has this weird area where the driveway connects to the yard and my rear fence makes an awkward shape.  With this odd shape plus the discovery of concrete pavers that look like stone for under $5 a piece, I decided this was my opportunity to indulge in my stone dreams.

I have to confess, I am not in any way a landscaper.  Most of my drought tolerant perennials wind up turning brown and my mulch looks like a disaster after a month.  However, I was very proud of this latest project that I embarked on.  With only an hour or 2 of dedication to the project for a couple days in a row, I wound up with a really great result.  The steps were very easy to follow to create this great look.

Build Your Own Paver Pathway

  1. Start by leveling the area that you want to create the paver walkway on. In my case this part of the job was fairly easy because I have a nice layer of 2b gravel from my driveway.
  2. Use plastic paver edging to form the shape of the walkway that you want to create. This stuff is pliable and easy to mold into the shape you want.  Use landscape pins to secure it in place.
  3. Further level out the bottom of the walkway with leveling sand. Use about an inch or 2 of the sand as the base depending on how un-level the ground it.
  4. Use paver bricks to outline the edge of your walkway for a finished look. These are available for about $.45 at your local home improvement store.
  5. Once the outline is finished, start filling in the middle area with the stone pavers. The new pavers are a consistent shape and very easy to carry and place into a shape.  You can either lay them in a uniform pattern or in a random pattern.  Uniform patterns allow for a consistent spacing between pavers, but a random pattern can lead to more interest.  I decided on the random patter and turned my pavers sideways, up and down and also at angles.
  6. Next you want to fill in the cracks between the pavers with pea gravel to secure them in place and give the walkway a polished look.
  7. The final step is to sit back and admire your new completed project.

Hopefully this project will be easy for you to accomplish in your yard this season and bring you lasting beauty for years to come.