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Study Time: Optimize Your Home for Good Grades

How to Create the Perfect Study Space in Your New Home

If you have a student (or students!) in your home, you’ll want them to have a neat, organized space in which to complete assignments and homework. Setting up a study in your new home is easy to do, whether you have a whole room or just a small nook…even a closet! to work with.

The first step in creating an ideal study space is finding the space for your study. If you have an entire spare room, you can do almost anything you like with it. But you can still build a productive study space under the stairs, in a small closet or wardrobe, or even in a multi-purpose space, like at the breakfast table.

For older students, the perfect space for creating a study is usually a quiet one, where they can escape from the everyday bustle of household life. For elementary school or younger students, you’ll probably want your study space in a more open place in your home, so you can easily keep an eye on them and make sure they’re actually doing their work.

No matter what space you ultimately choose, you’ll want your study to feel neat and tidy, with all the essentials at hand. Invest in a good-quality office-supplies caddy to encourage your student to keep their pens, markers and other tools (like staplers and hole punchers) in one place. A whiteboard calendar is also a functional investment for older students, allowing them to plug in due dates and keep on top of longer-term assignments.

Next, you’ll probably want some shelving to keep important books and file folders in order, although you may not have this luxury in a multi-purpose space. All students can benefit from having a dictionary and their textbooks on hand, although with today’s tech-savvy students, sometimes a strong internet connection is just as good as a bookshelf. (Again, you’ll need to consider the distraction factor here – sometimes it’s better to have students research things online at a central home computer and then return to their study to actually do their work, instead of having constant access to an internet connection – and their Facebook page.) A clear desk space, no matter how big, and a comfortable office chair are also a must.

Once the essentials are in place, you can work on the details. Some inspirational art or a “wall of pride” (where students can put up papers with A grades or top-scoring tests) can look attractive and inspire hard work. If your student has a particular focus (for example, a college architecture student may need a drafting table, and an aspiring fashion designer may need a space to sew) make sure that’s reflected in how you decorate and furnish your study.

Your best consultant for any study-design issues? Your student(s), who should have some input into how their space is designed so they enjoy working there and so you’ll know for certain they have everything they need to succeed. You can optimize a space in your home for better grades – and when you do, you’ll make the A grade as a parent!

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