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Your Summer BBQ Must Haves

BBQ Essentials

The Summer season has just kicked off so if you haven’t dusted off the grill yet, what are you waiting for?!

Summer time grilling is a perfect way to spend and afternoon or evening. Spending time with family and friends in the backyard is a favorite of ours. Here are some of our BBQ must haves to make your summer one for the ages.

Get on your Grill Game

Whether it’s powered by charcoal or gas make sure your grill is up to snuff before you invite over the whole neighborhood. Put your grill though its paces a day or two before you plan to have the gang over for dinner, especially if its the first time you are pulling it out of the shed or using it for the season.

Backyard Atmosphere

Set your BBQ apart with a unique and welcoming atmosphere. As the summer stretches on the long days will start to turn in to a midsummer nights eve, turn your backyard in to a Shangri-La with unique lighting designs. oversized light bulb strings, Chinese lanterns, paper globes or solar string lights.


Hot dogs and Hamburgers are the American standard when it comes to the grill, but with a set of ka-bob skewers (We recommend Wire Skewers) and a walk down the produce aisle you can add a creative twist to your grill top. Pairing different fruits and veggies with Pork, chicken, or steak allows your group to build their own unique BBQ treat. You can even experiment with your own signature, soon-to-be-famous kabob combination.

A Slew of Sides

Pasta salad, potato salad, coleslaw and corn on the cob are always good stand-by’s but try to put a little twist on to these classics with any of these fun and delicious recipes.

Cool Treats

The almanac says that this summer is gonna be a hot one, so make sure you have some cool treats there for people to enjoy. Think past the standard Red, White, and Blue popsicles and stretch for something a little more fun. Here are some great ideas on some assorted Frozen treats! 

Entertain the Masses

You don’t want your gang to dine and dash so have some fun games on hand for your guests to partake in both before and after dinner. Classic backyard games are always fun; Horse shoes and Corn hole are great classics but try KanJam or a Ladder Ball for a twist on some classic games. Don’t be afraid of the smart phone either, we are a big fan of the Heads Up app, we guarantee it will get your friends up and laughing for sure.

With these BBQ must haves your summer barbeque can’t miss.