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Trends in Hardwood Flooring

What are the current trends in Hardwood flooring?

When choosing hardwood flooring, the decision should be based primarily on personal preference. Try to focus on styles that you like and what goes with your house and decor. Don’t just pick something because it’s popular or trendy.

Dark hardwood floors- You heard it here, dark is in! These dark colors give a rich and contemporary look. However, darker floors are definitely a harder work to maintain since they show dirt and scratch a bit more. Trends are also moving towards browns and gold’s and away from reds and oranges.

Gray hardwood floors– Have you heard, “gray is the new black”?  This color has been on trend the past few years. Look to find this trend especially in Kitchens as it is very chic. Keep in mind while grey is really stylish right now, it certainly will not last forever!

Distressed and handscraped hardwood– Some of these woods are actually scraped by hand to give it an old world authentic look. It has become so popular that they now have machines that mimic the process.  No two pieces of handscraped hardwood are the same. A lot of people love these floors because they disguise scratches so that refinishing is not required as often. Keep in mind this process also makes this type of hardwood more expensive.

Wider planks hardwood-With distressed and handscraped wood becoming so popular. People are also flocking toward wider planks. This type of hardwood make your space look larger and more contemporary. The typical 2 1/4″ oak strip is now less desirable, most people are opting for wider planks of 3 1/4″, 4″ and even 5″.

Mostly all of these woods are still popular in Oak, Birch and even Hickory. So that’s what we have been seeing for hardwood flooring trends in 2014. Keep in mind not every style or color works for every taste or home, but hopefully this will get you started on your search for choosing hardwood that works for you!

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