Get Inspired!

Update Your Home with Yesterday’s iPad Tech

Use your older iPad to update and bring your home into the 21st century.

We have all been there.  What was once our new and shiny tech gear is now nothing more than a paper weight on the corner of your desk.  Before you toss your iPad aside, why not consider one of these ideas to re-purpose it and make your home into a cool tech center.


ipad cookbookFoodie Fun Tab…

Why not keep your iPad in the kitchen on your counter?  You could use it as an e-reader for your favorite cookbook.  Since it isn’t your current hi-tech toy, who cares if some cake batter splashes on it or you get some greasy fingerprints on it.  You could even mount it to the wall in your kitchen to make shopping lists or leave notes for the family or even appointment reminders.  If you truly don’t care about getting scratches on the screen, you can download this app and turn it into the world’s most expensive cutting board.

Automate your home…

Why not ditch all of your remote controls laying around and control all your other tech gear from 1 device that resides on your coffee table?  Most of the larger television manufacturers have apps that can control your TV from your iPad.    Most of the WiFi enabled home automation systems available at your local home improvement store also work with the iPad.  You can dim your lights, program your thermostat, start appliances or even close your garage door from an iPad mounted centrally in the hub of your home.  This same central mounting system can broadcast your music library to surround sound systems in your home.  So we’ve seen the previews for the Secret Life of Pets on TV.  Why not see what goes on in your home, by turning your iPad into a streaming security camera with the Presence App.  In addition yo checking on Rover during your work day, you can also see who comes to your front door or if your kids got home from school safely.

ipad automation


ipad frameDecorate your home…

You can put your iPad out on the mantle, an end table or even on a night stand and use it as a digital photo frame.  Both iPhoto and Photo Slideshow Director Pro HD offer cool slideshow options to show your favorite vacation memories.  For a nominal iTunes charge, your iPad can become a time-telling art piece.  Apps like Qlocktwo can turn the cold black screen into a modern timepiece.

These are just some examples of ways to get extra life out of your last generation iPad tech.  Get your creative juices going and look for other ways to simplify your life with tech that is collecting dust.  You will help keep technology out of landfills and might even save some money at home with the right tech tools.  We at Maronda Homes believe in better value and saving money.  Our homes help lower utility bills and are energy efficient with our Bee Smart certification.