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Vintage Meets Luxury

Vintage tubs are all the talk in new luxury baths

Free-standing soaking tubs are all the rage when it comes to bathroom re-models and new homes. Forget the days of the jetted tub. Today’s consumer is going for vintage ambiance when designing their owner’s bath retreat. Don’t be mistaken though…these aren’t your grandparents tubs. New designs can range from traditional to modern.

Details to Consider: Be sure to know what you are looking for from your tub. One fab thing about this tub design is that they come in all shapes and sizes. Are you looking for length, depth, width or all of the above? Measure your space and think of what would keep you comfortable whether you are in for a quick dip or a long soak.

Tub Material: Today’s soaking tubs are offered in a variety of materials including acrylic, cast iron, stone, resin, copper, bronze and even stainless steel! Think about your desired flooring, cabinets, sinks and counter tops. Coordinate your materials to provide you with the dream bath you’ve always wanted.

Comfort and Safety: Now that you have an idea of what you would like, be sure you will be comfortable and safe in your vintage haven. Getting in and out of a free-standing tub can be a wet occasion, so flooring choice is important! Wood flooring is not recommended due to warping. Marble flooring is also not recommended due to slip factor. Best recommendation would be a natural stone or ceramic tile that is grouted to provide extra traction.

The Maronda Homes Connection: In true fashion, Maronda Homes is on the cusp of this luxury vintage trend. With the release of the Presidential Home Collection in 2014, Maronda Homes offers a stunning claw foot and plinth base option for your owner’s spa retreat. When shopping for your new home be sure to visit a Maronda Homes community near you to experience cutting edge trends and design with your own eyes!