The Good, Bad and Ugly of Agents!!!

The Positives and Burdens of Real Estate Agents

There are many great Real Estate Agents out there, but here is a short and simple list to help you begin the home buying or selling process if you choose a real estate agent.

Good Agents

  • help you determine the highest price possible.
  • are easy to get a hold of and have an assistant to help.
  • have systems and are accessible. They coordinate the transaction.
  • market directly to buyers as well as the MLS.
  • do as much as possible
  • negotiate a commission that works for you
  • appreciate working with other people in the industry and realize that these people help them, and their clients, when they work together.

Bad Agents

  • tell you what to price your home at
  • are hard to get hold of
  • take a listing and then you don’t hear from them,
  • count on other agents to sell your home,
  • do as little as possible
  • convince you that the higher their commission is, the more money you’ll make
  • do not like their competitors

There are pro and cons to having a real estate agent,  I would suggest you do your homework and find someone you trust.  At the end of the day it is great to have someone that knows the industry and the area, but if they don’t put you first then what is the point.

At Maronda, we would like to thank all of those realtors that have worked with us in the past, present and those in the future.


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