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Concrete Block Construction Helps Increase Energy Efficiency Values in Florida

Consumers today are looking for “value” in their homes.  Value comes in many different varieties.  A home’s energy efficiency is one “value” that is sometimes overlooked.  Did you know that the concrete block building techniques used in Florida help to add “value” to your home by increasing your energy efficiency?


Concrete block’s thermal mass, concrete block helps the energy efficiency of homes.  Concrete block holds heat longer in cool weather and cool air inside during the warm weather for longer periods.  This is a huge benefit in the heat of Florida almost all year long. So what is thermal mass?  Thermal mass is a property that enables building materials to absorb, store, and later release heat.  Concrete block homes absorb energy slowly and hold it for much longer periods of time over other homes made of frame and other materials.  This leads to fewer spikes in the heating and cooling power needed.  This means that because it helps to seal in heat and cold, the HVAC systems n these homes do not need to power up as frequently or use as much energy.  Heat and cold is retained inside the home and only small amounts of power are required to retain a comfortable temperature.  The high thermal mass moderates indoor temperature fluctuations than other building methods.  Find out more about thermal mass.


Concrete block homes help energy efficiency

Concrete block construction uses mortar joints in between the columns and courses of the blocks.  Because the mortar makes it a solid structure, this creates airtight walls.  Because concrete block walls reduce wall leaks, this helps to prevent energy loss and could lower your heating and cooling bills by 50 percent.


In addition to the energy efficient benefits of concrete block homes, there are several other benefits that homebuyers in Florida should consider when building with concrete block.  Concrete block holds up very well in storms that Florida gets.  The block construction can withstand wind speeds of up to 250 miles per hour.  Concrete block doesn’t have any cellulose based products, so it is resistant to termites that thrive in the Florida climate.  Concrete block helps to keep mold out of your home because it helps to block against water penetration.  Because concrete block is a noncombustible material, this helps protect your family from fires and lower your insurance costs.  In the Florida environment, concrete block keeps looking great year after year because it doesn’t rot, rust or warp.


All these principles of concrete block are great reasons to build with it in Florida.  Maronda Homes has proudly been building with concrete block in most of its Florida communities for decades.  Find out more about our construction methodology at http://www.marondahomes.com/construction-methods.html

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