Green Building Life at Home

Green Cleaners To Keep Under Your Sink

Green Cleaners Cut Out Nasty Chemicals

By using green cleaners you can keep your home looking fantastic and environmentally conscience.

Did you know that some of the chemical ingredients commonly used in household cleaning products have been linked to issues like headaches and skin irritation, as well as longer term health problems. Using green cleaners can be a great way keep these chemicals out of your home.

Many of the most toxic chemicals, such as Benzene, Toluene, and Ethylbenzene are still commonly used in everyday household cleaners

We may not think about the impact these chemicals and cleaners have on our lives. Often we protect ourselves with rubber gloves or other tools to avoid direct contact with these non green cleaners. Often times these chemicals find their way down our drains and end up back into our drinking water in very small or trace amounts.

Green Cleaners at Your Local Store

Here are a handful of green cleaners committed to ingredient integrity and sustainability.

  • Seventh Generation – One of the most popular green cleaner companies, Seventh Generation is committed to reducing the environmental impact of production, ensuring product safety, and enhancing sustainability.
  • Mrs. Meyers promise aromatherapeutic, powerful, naturally-derived ingredients are gentle on your home and the earth.
  • Method – method chooses never to use dirty, conventional cleaning ingredients, like phosphates or bleach, in their green cleaners.

Natural Green Cleaners

How do you think your grandmother got things clean way back in the day before chemical cleaners were so common place. Check out some of these green cleaners that you probably have lying around the house.

  • Lemon juice and vinegar are great for cleaning and cutting grease, and vinegar can also be used to help stop the formation of mold.
  • Regular table salt (or sea salt) is great for scrubbing and scouring tough dirt and grime, and for helping to disinfect tough pieces of cook ware like cast iron or griddles.
  • Baking soda is indispensable as a natural green cleaner! It scrubs , cleanses, deodorizes, and when combined with vinegar can help de-clog drains.